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Dejarvu: JAR Manifest Viewer


About the tool

This tool is a viewer for manifest data embedded in a JAR file.


Dejarvu ver.1.0.0


How to install


How to uninstall

Delete the unzipped folder.

How to use

Execute Dejarvu.jar to start.
(In Windows, you can also double click Dejarvu.bat.
you can open a JAR file on startup by dragging and dropping it to Dejarvu.bat.)

To start from the command line, execute the command below.
java -jar Dejarvu.jar
(If another JAR file is specified as an argument, the file is opened on startup.)

To open an JAR file after startup, select “Read JAR file” in the context menu and select a JAR file.


Aug 25, 2012
version 1.0.0


BSD license is applied.
See LICENSE_en.txt for detail.

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