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About the tool

A tool to pixelize part of an image file with easy operation.
You can hide objects such as a human’s face in a photograph.


QuickPixelizer ver.1.0.0



How to install

Unzip the zip file.

How to uninstall

Delete the unzipped folder.

User settings are saved in the user’s application data folder. Delete them if necessary.
The path is shown below.
C:\Documents and Settings<user name>\Application Data\QuickPixelizer (Windows XP or below)
C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Local\QuickPixelizer (Windows Vista or above)

How to use

Select “File -> Open” in the application menu and open an image file. The selected image will be displayed.
Press the left mouse button and drag over the object you want to pixelize.
Select “File -> Save as” in the application menu to save the pixelized image.


September 7, 2013
version 1.0.0


BSD license is applied.
See LICENSE_en.txt for detail.

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