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Here is the list of the softwares I have developed.
I suppose they can run on Windows 7 or XP, but I have only Windows Vista. Sorry if you can’t run them. ^ω^

Development Support

#37 AccessorJavadoc #37 AccessorJavadoc
An Eclipse plugin to generate Javadoc of getters and setters.
#34 Dejarvu #34 Dejarvu
JAR file manifest information viewer.
An editor specialized in internationalization and localization of XML resources.
#16 printfer #16 printfer
A utility tool to test formats of C language’s “printf” and .NET Framework’s “String.Format”.
#15 ZipInstallerProducer #15 ZipInstallerProducer
A tool to create ZIP files via GUI manipulation. Suitable for software distribution. (Please donate)
#2 WikiHelpBuilder #2 WikiHelpBuilder
A tool to build Windows Help (CHM) files using wiki syntax.


#28 RoundSlicer #28 RoundSlicer
A shared secret sharing tool. If a file is divided into parts, you can never restore it without some of the divided parts, but you don’t have to get all of the parts to restore. (Shareware with limitation)
#9 sssssssss #9 sssssssss
An optical shared secret sharing tool which uses “random dot stereogram”. Embed your password, print the images, store them separately, and you will be safe.


#33 Boon Striker #33 Boon Striker
A shooting game of ascii art characters from “2 channel”.
#32 LightsOutPlus #32 LightsOutPlus
A puzzle whose goal is turn on all panels by clicking them.
#22 KanjiCross (Web version) #22 KanjiCross (Web version)
A web application version of KanjiCross.
#21 KanjiCross #21 KanjiCross
Fill a kanji into the center of cross-shaped kanjis to make four two-letter words.
#20 DigitSeeker #20 DigitSeeker
Touch numbers from the smallest one. (Android)
#6 JavaScript block breaker #6 JavaScript block breaker
A block breaker game library implemented only with JavaScript.
#3 JavaScript Slide puzzle #3 JavaScript Slide puzzle
A slide puzzle (15 puzzle) implemented only with JavaScript.


#35 RainbowClock #35 RainbowClock
A clock which can be customized by skins.
#31 MacFace Editor #31 MacFace Editor
An editor to make face patterns of desktop accessory “MacFace”.
#30 Sol cannon #30 Sol cannon
An windows sidebar gadget to display messages.
#29 MacFace face pattern / Yaruo #29 MacFace face pattern / Yaruo
A face pattern for desktop acccessory “MacFace”.


#36 QuickPixelizer #36 QuickPixelizer
A tool to apply pixelization filter to an image.
#18 TableCloth #18 TableCloth
A tool to cover and hide your desktop wallpapers and icons.
#17 DSC #17 DSC
A tool to copy texts which can’t usually copied, such as window titles, labels and buttons.
#14 StarPrism #14 StarPrism
A virtual polarization microscope – A tool to create colorful images by simulating a polarization microscope.
#11 MirrorShade #11 MirrorShade
A tool to display a mirror image of the screen.
You can display a mirror image of part of the screen by clicking a button (or automatically by timer).
Suitable for checking your drawing’s distortion.
#10 SuperTreeEditor #10 SuperTreeEditor
A successor of TreeEditor and Marisa.
A tool to create a tree diagram using ruled lines or a nested list of Markdown or PukiWiki format.
You can also convert a directory hierarchy or an application menu into a text.
A tool to extract menu items from an application.
Convenient for writing a manual of a software.
#7 TreeEditor #7 TreeEditor
A tool to create a tree diagram using ruled lines.
You can also convert a directory hierarchy into a tree diagram.
#5 CIRNO Editor #5 CIRNO Editor
An editor to attach notations to an image using HTML and CSS.
#4 pixiv scouter #4 pixiv scouter
A tool to fetch your illustration’s data of illustration SNS “pixiv” and your power.
#1 Gugulecus #1 Gugulecus
A tool to search a text in the clipboard with a hot key.

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